Tuesday, July 07, 2009

43 days left

Did you know there are only 43 days left of summer vacation! CRAZY! Seems like its just zooming by!

We still have so much to do!

  1. Spend a few weeks at Davey: working on the girls' fort, swimming at the lake, relax and get away from everything!
  2. Celebrate the twin's turning 11! (still can't believe it!)
  3. Spend a week in Utah visiting my brother and his family!
  4. Finish up softball...the girls have a game this evening! Thinking its going to be a hot one!
  5. Visit my other brother in Kansas
  6. Try my hand at canning...hot water bath...still need someone to show me how to pressure can!

And then all the back to school stuff...shopping, school supplies, new back packs, haircuts etc

I'm thinking there won't be too many lazy days like today...we all slept in until 8:45! I'm not going to lie- it was really nice! Who knew vacation could take so much out you!


deb said...

Want to learn how to pressure can? We have a tomato canning marathon every year. It will be coming up soon.

Glad you are enjoying summer vacation, but it does go by WAY too fast!

{The twins are NOT turning 11... it isn't possible.}

Audra said...

definitely let me know when your doing it- would love to watch and learn!