Friday, July 31, 2009


Here are a few silly/funny things about our weekend at my brothers in SLC...

Pucca was convinced this was a castle. During our walk through at the visitor center, she kept referring to it as such- even to the sister missionaries. They kept trying to correct her- but that was a lost cause!

This picture was taken on the edge of a drop off- at least 100ft down a rocky cliff to a stream below. I was trying to get all the kids (cousins) in the picture and without thinking- I kept telling my brother to back up...uh duh! We ended up just clicking some pix and that was that. Having that many children on the edge of a cliff- we were just pressing our luck!

I think we wore poor little E out! Sunday evening...Tricia was braiding her hair before bed and she fell the middle of getting her hair done! And it was only like 5 minutes...definitely one tired princess!

It really was a great week- the cousins were fun and no major fights erupted! A miracle of sorts for our family!

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