Monday, July 06, 2009


Our family is home from a 6 day trip to South Dakota. We hung out with friends and had a great time.

We did the tourist-y things like Bear Country and Reptile Gardens. But we also drove through the beautiful Spearfish Canyon on some back roads, took a hike up to a beautiful waterfall, watched a small town 4th of July Parade and explored the Badlands.

One of the funniest things though- was on the 4th of July. We were back at our friend's house and I went to use the bathroom. All of a sudden I here this LOUD-house shaking-ROAR...and Amber starts yelling "Everybody outside! Quick!" Now they live on the side of a mountain in a mining I'm not quite sure what the heck is going on! I seriously contemplated running out of the house with my pants around my ankles!
It seems some B-12 fighter pilots picked a GREAT time to do a low...very low... flyover through the hills. The roar of its engines echoed off the hills and amplified it. Amber was wanting us (especially the kids) to hurry outside to see the planes.

Rain and fog fizzled out Rushmore's fireworks...resulting in some pretty colored clouds. I am so glad we didn't hike 8 miles to get that grand disappointment! We did get to see a great display in Lead though!

Here's a photo collage of our trip:

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Jared L. said...

Awesome! Looks like everyone had a super time. See you all in 3 weeks!