Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heading West...tally-ho!

The girls, my mother and I are headed to UTAH...we leave bright and early Thursday morning. (Actually, we are going to GI town tomorrow evening...sleeping at my mom's and then leaving before the sun comes up!)

Confession time:

I haven't started packing. I took out the suitcases yesterday- looked at them all day and finally decided that it was just too much work so I'd wait until today. Um ya- they are still sitting out...empty. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...The girls have piano lessons (all three girls-pucca started lessons this summer). I have an AD meeting I have to teach and its at my house- so I should probably pick up a little. I need to make a Davey run...which isn't hard just time consuming. I need to get an oil change. The girls wanted to rent a few movies for the portable dvd players (they're still not sure about a 12 hour car ride). They also wanted to stop by B & N to spend some bday gift cards.

oh ya- and the sister missionaries are coming over for dinner. Then we head to GI town.

Did I mention that I spent most of day in Omaha at the cannery today and they girls have softball tonight? wonder when exactly I was thinking I would have time to pack...hmmmmm...

Owell- all part of being a mom. Utah here we come!

not sure how the blog accessibility will be...put I'll be sure to post some pix. Its always entertaining getting my mom and I together!


The Brink Blog said...

Have a great trip!

Jared L. said...

See you on Thursday! Have a safe trip!