Monday, July 13, 2009

when life hands you lemons...

The twins had softball practice last night. So all three girls and I loaded into John's car and headed for practice. On the way out the subdivision we noticed the cutest sight! A couple of children (siblings- a boy and girl) had set up an adorable little lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of their house. At first we drove by, smiled and waved. By the time we made it to the end of the block- we had made a unanimous decision to purchase some of their lemon-y goodness.

The boy and girl were giddy with excitement as the girls walked up with money. It was sweet, cute, adorable! I mean the sign read "LEMINADE" in the heart melting penmanship of a 5 year old...the whole scene was straight from Mr. Rockwell himself!

The sweet girl filled up our glasses to the rim. Then proceeded to thank us over and over when the Pucca told her she could keep the change (50 whole cents!)

We loaded up into the car with our citrus refreshments- smiling on the inside and out for the experience that had just transpired! It was one of those rare moments that shines happiness. Almost taking you back to a time when you could let your children run around the neighborhood and not worry. To a time where cynicism wasn't the reaction to every act of kindness. Just one of those moments of simple joy!

As we buckled in our seatbelts and pull away, Kynna remarked how glad she was we stopped. I smiled at her and said "Me too." as I took a sip. It was a precious moment to say the least.

I immediately start choking and shaking my head. Kynna starts gagging. Kwynn's face is all puckered up and Pucca refused to even taste hers. It was the worst lemonade we've ever had! I pull over a few blocks down (out of sight from the sweet brother and sister) and proceed to empty all the sweet lemony happiness down into the gutter.



Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

I was all ... awwwwww. And then. You crack me up.

wendysue said...

Ha! I'm sure many people tossed my lemonade when I was little too.

One of my life rules is to always stop and buy lemonade/kool-aid, etc. from kids. Their face is worth every penny!!