Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I take hundreds of photos of my kids every year. They grow up so fast and I want something more tangible than just the memories of them as babies, youngsters and teens. I want photographs of us playing in the yard, softball games, getting ready for dances, cooking dinner and dog piles in family room. I want to be able to look back and see the smiles, laughter and love.

With that in thought- our tulips in the courtyard are blooming. And last year, Evie took such adorable photos out there next to them. I loved it! So I wanted to try that again. Well- what a difference a year makes!!! Here's how it went down...

This is when I told her to put her blanket down...that went over well! Can't ya tell!?

I finally get her blanket and binky-free... and I get attitude

and tears

and screaming

and wailing!

fine...have your blanket and binky. (btw- love the expression in her eyes...one of those 'and you thought you were in control!')

I still think she's a cutie!

And the only photo of the day with a smile- is when the wind is blowing and has her looking like the Texas Longhorn mascot. owell  :)

 Its all about the memories...and an evening I won't soon be forgetting! 

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