Thursday, April 18, 2013

PaRtY like a RoCkStAr

Tomorrow is Corynn's birthday party. A small group of girls for a sleep over. Its what she wanted. And I've learned that if you just do what they want - it won't matter if its Pinterest perfect or Martha approved. Kids just don't really care about all that.

So a sleepover it is. I'm taking the girls and Evie out to our acreage. John is staying back with the twins (they have their big State Science Olympiad competition bright and early Saturday morning).

All the birthday girl requested was cream soda, popcorn candy mix and rent two movies. Sounds good to me!

But...being the person that I am - I couldn't let it end there. Since we were having the party close to Earth Day (April 22nd)- I decided and convinced Corynn that should be the theme of the party. She was game. We are having dirt cake dessert and a few Earth day inspired crafts. 10 year old girls are a fun age to do things with! :)

It also works out nicely because I can finely use up some of my Earth Day stock pile that I have. I've been wanting to have an Earth Day party with Corynn and her school class for years...but it just seems like so much work. I love planning parties and having get togethers, but some of the joy left when Evie joined the picture. Not sure if its time, priorities or what...

Pictures to come of the favors, dessert and party! Wish me luck!

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