Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vacation part 4

Final thoughts on our super awesome vacation!

  • We made a ton of new memories with our children and spent some wonderful quality time together! 
  • We will never drive more than 8 hours again! At least not as a family of 6! Evie did amazingly well and seriously only cried the last 50 miles getting back to Lincoln. Not bad for a 3000 mile road trip! But the estrogen induced drama is getting to be too much! 
  • Evie is a trooper! Taking her was a huge concern of mine. I wasn't sure how she would do with everything because she is super particular. But she surprised us all! She did her thing and went with the flow. We made it work and it worked well! 
  • I realized our kids are growing up too fast! We will soon have 15 year olds with learner's permits and sophomores in highschool. I can't believe how fast it goes! 
  • I also realized that despite the teenage drama and sisterly bickering...we have very well behaved children. And should be proud of that! 
  • And no matter where you are...Nebraska sunsets are still the best! 

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