Tuesday, April 09, 2013

School projects

This week is full of school projects!

Corynn is preparing to be Annie Oakley in her 4th grade historical program. They will be acting like wax museum figures. Each student with props and outfits for their historical person. And then when someone pushes their button- the student then gives a rehearsed monologue on their figure. It should be very cool! Each student had to choose 3 people so that they would have a back up or two incase another student also picked that person. Corynn's other two choices were Leonardo DiCaprio and Gabby Douglas....quite the selection there!

Anyway...we are working on her research and costume. Her costume will be super important since Annie was a sharp shooter, but you can't bring a toy gun or likeness of a gun to the show. Not even a cardboard silhouette cutout. Should be interesting!

Kwynn is working on a propaganda campaign for the 15th amendment. Each student was given an amendment and they need to convince the other students to vote to pass their assigned constitutional amendment. The 15th amendment states that "Every man can vote no matter race, color or degree of servitude." So she created labels that will be taped around cans of soda. The labels will read "Every man CAN vote!" Some kids are bringing cookies and other treats to persuade/bribe the voters so I think soda will work just fine! "Politics is a dirty business!" Kwynn said...ain't that the truth!

And the twins have a french project due on Friday which required childhood photos. So we had fun digging through those yesterday. Scanned them today and sent them off to the printers...most of the twins baby photos are hard copy film not digital. Reminded once again that our babies weren't as cute as we once thought they were! I could have sworn my children were the most beautiful things ever...looking back I realize the cuteness set in around 5 months. :) but that's ok...loved them to pieces and still do!

Pictures to come of our little sharp shooter!

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