Monday, April 01, 2013


We celebrated Easter this past weekend with my family. My mom, grandparents and brother (&family) came up Saturday. We were so excited to have everyone here! Its always great when family is together!

It was beautiful weather, even some thunderstorms early in the morning...first of the year! We're big on thunderstorms around these parts. Not to mention we really need the rain!!!

puppies wanting Evie to 'share' her ham


Uncle Trevor teaching his niece to play much fun! 

table all decorated up

bird nests to add a touch of spring

bright and lovely bouquet that John bought me! Love using different and unique containers for vases...I used some of the flowers on the table in little pewter cups. 

My little brother, Trevor and my mom

Three of our girls and their great grandma

awwwww! So cute!

Evie and her Trevor! She became pretty attached to him while they were here. So sweet!

The girls and my mom...silly! 

Trevor, Maranda and her daughter Amanda

And to add a little red neck spice to the occasion, went out Sunday morning and shot some guns. It was a blast seeing my mom shoot a 20 gauge shotgun and teaching Maranda! 

Loved seeing all of you! Need to do it more! 

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