Monday, April 29, 2013

in a flash

Last week seemed to zoom by around here! I'm thinking its a combination of anxiousness for school to be out, finishing up school projects and programs, projects around the house etc. Seems like when you are busy, time just flies by!

The weather was decent last week...for the first time this season! So we started putting in the garden. The herbs, tomatoes, bush beans, cantaloupe, zucchini, cucumbers, radish, carrots and lettuce are all planted. There is supposed to be a light freeze this week- but we have a plan to save the plants. Crazy to think that its going to be May already and we are just putting in the garden! Last year we harvested lettuce for Mother's Day!

I also planted 140 bulbs around our yard; 80 Asian lilies and 60 gladiolas. Can't wait for them to come up! I love the color they add. And with the late start in the season...we should be enjoying them mid to late June! The twins helped me plant 100 tulips last fall and I love them! It was so exciting to see them finally bloom!

I hope to post a 'before' and 'after' pic this week of our front porch. We put in new railings and are painting it and the front door! Should give the house a new fresh look! Exciting!

Evie is keeping us super busy. She is a regular tornado. She will pull every toy and ball out of the garage when playing in the front yard. Its pretty much the same thing when she enters a room. Crazy little bugger!

Tried to take 18 month photos of her yesterday...I'll post those tomorrow. :)

Happy Monday to all!

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