Monday, April 22, 2013

busy busy weekend

Back to Monday! This weekend was super busy and just flew by!

Friday was Corynn's sleepover birthday party at our acreage. Let's just say I'm glad its over! ugh! Kids! I was able to snap a few cute group photos! Here's one on the fallen tree (a favorite spot of our girls)-

Saturday was crammed packed. Kids were all picked up around noon. Corynn and Evie played outside while John and I worked in the garden. We then put Evie down for a nap and spread 4 cubic yards of mulch. How much mulch is that - you ask. Well its a pile about 4 feet high, 6 feet long and 4-5 feet wide. HUGE. ginormous. tons. We were tired! Corynn was a super helper though! The twins were at the State Science Olympiad competition. So they lucked out! 

Once all the hard work was finished...Corynn goofed off with the neighbor kid. They made duct tape goatees. So funny!

There was also a beautiful sunset Saturday evening...which was a lovely end to a long day!

Sunday was busy finishing up little errands. The girls finished up homework, we took Corynn and Evie to the zoo and planted some new plants.
Evie loved the zoo...well the little animals. The camels...not so much. 

And ended the evening cuddling up together. Evie sure does love her sisters! She will just throw her blanket on their lap, grab her sippy cup or bottle, snack and baby doll and make herself at home. Sometimes the twins act annoyed, but you know they love it! :)

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