Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what is going on?

The news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon yesterday has me questioning so much. What is this world coming to? Is this the future our children have to look forward too? Why would someone do that? What possesses someone to do that? Is any place safe?

We are a news watching family. The girls and I have the news running on the tv in the morning while getting ready for the day. And we watch the local and national news in the evening. I decided to tell the girls when I picked them up from school because I knew the evening news would be covering every aspect of the story.

I asked the twins if they had heard about the explosions in Boston today (internet, social media and smart phones...news travels fast!).

They had.

I asked them what they thought of it or if they had any questions. No not really. Not even Corynn. They all thought it was terrible but acted as though it was a common occurrence. Like "that sucks, but what can you do" type of response. And I don't think its because my children are heartless or cold- because they are just the opposite. They love and care for so much. But I think our youth are just becoming jaded to the violence.

In the girls' lifetime...they have seen Colombine, 9/11, War in the Middle East and Afghanistan, shootings in at the mall in Omaha, shootings at Virginia Tech, shooting at a middle school in Millard, Aurora Colorado, Newtown...the list goes on and on. The news is constantly reporting these horrific events. And I don't blame the news...this is the world we live in. We need to know what kind of people we are sharing it with.

I'm just sad. Sad for the spectators who were killed and injured. I'm sad for their families. I'm sad for my children and all children for that matter. Innocence is being lost everyday and that is sad.

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