Friday, June 28, 2013

this week

I love looking back through my files of photos on the computer. I love seeing how much the children have changed and grown. What little adventures and everyday chaos we endured that I may have forgotten. I decided to check out some new features in of which allows you search certain dates and grab corresponding photos. So I typed in today's date with a variant of  + or - of 3 days. A feature that could be useful when searching for date specific photos like birthdays, reunions, trips etc.

Here's what was happening this week every year since 2005.

Stuhr camp with the cousins.

Spending time with our moo cows at Davey. 

These stupid creatures tried to break in on this date in 2007.

Summer swimming trip to Branched Oak

Making smores with the cousins during sleep over in 2009

Visiting the zoo...still a weekly outing for us! 

Fishing trip at Milford Lake in Kansas with my brother (love the twins' enthusiasm!)

This silly girl...

is getting so darn big! Not a baby anymore...she's a little girl!

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