Monday, May 14, 2007

Back from St. Louis

The trip was wonderful and much needed! I flew in on into St. Louis around 3pm. We stayed in the Hilton by the Ballpark. Very cool and close to everything! The arch and riverfront was only two blocks away.

This was the view from our hotel room- pretty cool!

John was in a different hotel room earlier in the week and that room faced Busch Stadium- he was able to watch the Cardinals play from his window!

First thing- we started to walk down to the riverfront and check out the arch and museum. I was taking this picutre when John commented on some dark clouds were heading our way and we had better start heading back to the hotel. By the time we get up to our room- this is what is the view looked like.

It was a crazy rain! And it continued to rain all night. We hung around the hotel, played pool and then were able to grab a bite around 9 when the rain let up.

Friday- we headed out to Forest Park- an amazing place with museums, a zoo, boat house, aviaries, and much more. It is a huge park where the 1904 World's Fair was held, 500 acres larger than Central Park in NY- and it has been remodeled into all these neat places displaying the histories of St. Louis.

We went to the zoo- a really nice zoo considering it has free admission. After that we headed to the Galleria and ate at the Cheesecake Factory- yum yum!

We then headed back to the hotel and went to the casino boats on the Illinois side. John won $165- so it wasn't bad!
After that we went down to the hotel sports bar and ordered Imo's pizza (YUMMY!) and played pool- until like 1am. ughhh- I think I am getting too old for that!

We slept in super late the next day (WONDERFUL! and almost strange since it rarely happens!) and then headed to Union Station- an old train depot they renovated into shopping, restaurants and hotels. It was neat!

Then we headed to the arch. I have a serious fear of confined spaces and of being in crowded spaces. Those who know me - know I have a bubble! So going up in the arch made me a little anxious! You ride up in these little 'capsules'- no windows and five people squeezed into this hot little egg- I couldn't wait to get to the top. But when we got to the top- it was super crowded with people and a group of kids were joking around trying to shake the monument. I took some quick pictures and then told John I would meet him at the bottom. But the sweetie that he is - he came down with me! I didn't think I would make it- but I did. It was neat and I am glad I went up.

That night we went down to Laclede's Landing- the historic cobblestone neighborhood down on the riverfront. It was amazing- I love old buildings and the history of the 1800's. And the food was wonderful!

We flew home yesterday- Sunday.
The trip was great and I had so much fun! I didn't adjust well to reality...I was extremely tired yesterday- getting up early, packing and flying, then Kwynn's vball game the minute we got home, unpacking, laundry, groceries- my outdoor plants were stressed from lack of water....with all this - I got a little cranky last night. But I am better today after having got some sleep, laundry done and things back to normal. John told me last night- that I should go back to St. Louis because I was in a much better mood there. There- it was carefree- no responsibilities. Here- back to the 24/7 grind of being a mom. I think I just got a little overwhelmed. =o)

But the vacation was great and I love John and love him for being such a great friend and companion. We had a lot of fun and laughed alot! I really had a wonderful time!


Lindsey said...

awwwww! I am glad you two had so much fun!

lindsey said...

Hey I like your new blog design! Very cool! I thought I went to the wrong one at first. Made me think a minute.
have a good one!

Hollie said...

Fun huh? Did I say that pizza was awesome or what? I'm glad you liked my home town. I used to work at a kiosk at Union Station in high school and almost every weekend we would go to Mississippi Nights on Laclede's Landing. Good times, good times.

I'm glad you had fun:)