Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is the last week of sports and chaos before summer vacation starts! YIPPPPPEEEEEE!

McKynna's last soccer game is Saturday night. This is her last season of Micro soccer. This fall she will play rec soccer - which uses a much larger field and more players on the field during play. She is kind of excited- she loves soccer just not all the running that it involves. She has also mentioned wanting to play volleyball with Kwynn this fall instead. Only because they don't have to run as much. They are so funny together. Always thinking the other has it better.

Kwynn's last vball game is on Sunday evening. She has come a long way to in the sport especially just this year. She is the smallest and shortest on her team- but she keeps her own. We just need to work on the whole morale thing- she gets so upset if one thing goes wrong. Like a missed serve or a mis-hit. Just one of those things she is going to have to outgrow and learn on her own.

Corynn will be starting soccer this fall. She needs a sport with a lot of activity! That kid is made of energy!!! We even got her a little pink sparkly soccer ball. She kicks it around and yells- here I out....oh no here I go...SCORE! as she is kicking the ball towards an imaginary goal. Its cute to watch.

We also have two bday parties this weekend and yard work to bring on the chaos!


Lindsey said...

ahh! close yet so far! I wonder how it will be being preggers in the summer with two kids under the age of 5? Any tips?

We will definitely have to get our families together! Call me!

Deb said...

Glad you had fun in St. Louis. Hopefully that gets you through all the chaos!