Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tag...I'm it! and so is everyone who reads this!

Ok- so I have been tagged...and here are my five random tidbits!

1. I LOVE being outside! Working with my plants and in the yard! Oh yes...I realize this may seem crazy...but its true! I am not so much into mowing the yard, but landscaping and planting pots are a passion. Wish I had more time to spend on it and money for that fact! I am so excited for summer and being able to spend evenings outside on the patio- talking with my husband..watching the kids play...picnic...watching Emma(our pup) play! Good stuff!

2. I prefer baking to cooking! My husband grills almost everynight so I have fallen out of the cooking mode. But baking...desserts, cookies, cakes and bars- yummm...oh yeah baby! I inherited it from my great grandma who could bake anything and it would be the best sweets you've ever had!

3. I am a homebody. I prefer to hang out at home with my family rather than go out with friends. My husband is my bestfriend- we talk and joke about everything...partly because we have been through so much. So I always prefer to do things with him...and the kids are a kick too! Always saying or doing something that cracks me up. As much stress as they cause me...I wouldn't have it any other way!

4. I am a bit obsessive compulsive...about alot of things! I have a hard time delegating responsibility to others because I want it to be done my way. In fact I prefer to load the dishwasher myself because me husband loads it wrong! I am helping plan a huge convention in June and I am in charge of the facilities and food for upwards of 3oo people for three days...and can bet that my OCD is kicking into overdrive. Should be interesting!

5. I love a good book! or a good movie (preferably one with Audrey Hepburn or Carey Grant)! When I find a good book, I dive in and everything else gets put on the back burner for the next 12 hours. My husband knows that when I am just leave me alone and let me finish...the sooner that happens the sooner he gets his wife back! I love old movies! I had never seen Gone With Wind until about 6 months ago. The movie was really good...except the ending really stunk! That's the only drawback to old movies...the movie is great but then the ending stinks. I don't think they believed in happily ever after back then! Some favorites include Sabrina, The Good Seed (or is it The Bad Seed?), How to Steal a Million, Butterfield 8, and too many more to mention.


Lindsey said...

I didn't know you like to work in the yard with flowers! Come on over, girl- my yard needs work!

Audra said...

Oh to more movies that are good- My Fair Lady and Little Shop of Horrors! hehehehe- the girls and I watched those together lastnight. I haven't seen LSOH since I was like 12- super cute! A classic!

Audra said...

two more- dang I really stink at this typing!