Tuesday, May 22, 2007


John decided that little miss Emma Sue needed a special treat lastnight. So he bought her this gi-normous bone.

She LOVES her new bone! The girls gave to her in the backyard... and Emma quickly grabbed it in the middle and was walking around the yard with it in her mouth. She even went pee...still holding it in her mouth. She is such a funny dog! She slept with her bone last night too- and its still pretty big considering she chewed on it for a good three hours last night.

It kind of reminds me of those huge 2lb candy bars you can buy. I got one for Christmas when I was younger and I was so excited! The first day was great...then the second day wasn't as great and by the third day I was swearing off chocolate forever. Emma really likes bones- hope this one isn't too big! I am sure she'll find a way to tear it apart!


Rachel said...

I think our dog could do with a treat like that, it would keep him busy for a while. He has too much energy for me to deal with sometimes!

Deb said...

Jonzy is jealous... he is drooling right now.

Rachel- Just don't take your dog for any walks on your bike!! ;)

wendysue said...

That poor pup is going to have a sore jaw! I bet she won't let it out of her sight until it's gone.

"gotta chew, gotta chew."