Monday, May 07, 2007

YA, BABY!!!!!

John left for St.Louis today, but before he left he gave me my Mother's Day gift! A new digital camera! I love my Kodak easyshare! John's parents gave it to us for Christmas about four years ago and I take it with me everywhere. I love photographing the kids, documenting fun family times and making awesome gifts from pix. Recently my beloved camera has started to crap out- pictures have become grainy and pixelated. Its really sad!

I told John that I wanted one exactly like the one I have only the newer version- nothing super fancy because I am not very technical. And this is the one he picked out!

Yes- its pink! Its super cute and has all the same features as my old one...just newer and better! It has 8 mega pixels! Its a Kodak Easyshare v803

here is the link- I can't get the hyper link to work on my blog and its tooo long not to use cut and paste!

The other part of my gift is a little trip to St.Louis. Our first real vacation together! John has business meetings all week and then I am going to fly up there on Thursday and spend the weekend. We will then fly back on Sunday. I am super excited. Plus, our new dishwasher and range/oven arrived today! YEAH! Very exciting! Its been a super week and its only Monday night!!!

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