Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Venting time...

Just one of those days to vent! Things are pretty good - but I have just been really getting frustrated lately...with everyone!

Kwynn- is on this pity pot...about everything. Everything is against her and she's just going to quit playing volleyball because their team lost a game and she isn't a perfect server and she's not going to play on the computer anymore because she doesn't play well and McKynna is always bragging to her about how good she is and why can't she play better and why do they have to be twins and why- why- why- ughhhhhhhhh!

Corynn- cries and whines about everything. I think we may have spoiled her a bit much and now it is coming back to bite us where it hurts. She is such a little princess- a cute princess- but still a royal pain! Everything has to be done RIGHT NOW! or else she whines and says MOM a hundred times in that crying whining tone which leaves me no choice but to do it to save my sanity. Its that whole terrible 2s - but it just hit a little late. I resorted to locking myself in my room for ten minutes today because she wouldn't stop...how can someone so small and innocent cause so much chaos!?

McKynna- is a silent emotional child. She gets upset and clams up and won't explain to me what is bothering her. She just turns red and starts to tear up and then I have no idea what to do because I have no idea whats wrong. And she doesn't put her homework away- so then she can't find it and I threw it away on accident and then had to dig through the top of the trash this morning to find it. Then she couldn't find her shoes and she had to have her tennis shoes for gym and I hear "I'M LOOKING" as she is just standing there doing nothing. I am running around the house trying to shut off lights and get everyone in the van with all their school stuff and she is still standing there 'LOOKING'! Where are the shoes you ask...not more than two feet to her left, right next to her bookbag.

Ok- well, when I write it down- it doesn't sound that bad but when all of this compounds through out the day and you add a headache and tons of laundry and dishes and having to pick up a room after having just cleaned it because the kids didn't pick up after themselves and a dog who likes the mud and then jumping on me and me falling over in the garden while planting flowers (i'm sure the neighbors had a good chuckle because it was FUNNY!) and being outside in the heat and the stupid DVR (which I love) not recording my shows tonight and stepping/sliding in dog poo and and and and and and .... uhh ya- it has been a week and its only Tuesday. Kind of scary!


Rachel said...

It all sounds too familiar. I think Mckynna is like Bekah, very frustrating to manage. And muddy dog feet, lets just say I hope our dog dies soon (he's 11 anyway, it's time).

Stacy said...

Oh boy...do we ever have days like that in our house!!! Makes me crazy....on those days I insist that I'd trade them in if I could. Unfortunately the 'refund or exchange' period has expired, so I'm stuck. My little' fantasy' gives me something to chuckle about & then I hope for a better day tomorrow! :)
By the way, I just stumbled across your blog...love it! Especially the part about your mom whipping off her shirt to pose with the wax George Clooney! Priceless!

Lindsey said...

sounds like one of my days- call me me if you need to chat!