Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wii are family...

We went back to GI town for Easter and John played the Nintendo Wii at a friend's house and was HOOKED! He has been searching for one to buy everywhere- in stores and on the internet. Finally- he found one and we have had it a whole week today!

First of all- let me explain that I come from a family with two brothers and they always played video games. I would try but it didn't interest me and I really wasn't very good. So I was not knock-down excited about getting a gaming system! BUT the wii is completely different! We can play it as a family- Puka is 4 and she can play the same games we do! The wii system is a gaming system by NIntendo. It has a sensor by the tv and you hold the controller in your hand. You have to do the actual motions to move your wii person on the screen. So for the bowling game- you stand in front of the tv, bring the ball (controller) up into position, and then swing like you are really bowling. The same for baseball, tennis, fishing, Duck hunt, boxing and golf. After a couple of rounds of boxing...prepare for your arms to be sore the next day...and the day after that!

I am totally hooked! The girls and I bowled a few games the other night- and it was fun spending time together! We have gotten into the habit of everyone doing their own thing - and that is sad!

I love competing against my husband in fishing and bowling! Nothing like a little friendly competition. I have also set the family records in Homerun baseball and Pose (hand coordination game)!

We have a PS2 at our family acreage- and the girls have begged us to buy one. I never wanted to though because I didn't want the girls plopped down in front of the tv everyday...all the time! At least with the wii- you are interacting and doing the actions! It makes it more interesting/challenging and fun!

Anyway- i just had to rave about how much I love it and how fun it is! You are all welcomed to come over and play! If you like the Dance Revolution games- then you will like the Wii!


Christy said...

Do you have a spare room so I can just move in with you? Sounds like a total blast.

lindsey said...

You invited me - so don't be surprised when i show up!