Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have been so wanting to plant my flowers and make up my pots and hanging baskets! And finally- I am getting done. I have all of my containers done and three hanging baskets. I also mulched all of the beds and swing-set area. So what do I have left...

  • Transplant some daisies into the native/wild flower bed.
  • put down a few more bags of mulch underneath the swing set.
  • Weed around the edging of the native/wild flower bed
  • Add a few more hostas near our fountain.
  • and replace a few of the pampas grasses (that didn't come back) on the retaining wall.

I really wanted to add retaining blocks to the front grass bed against our front porch and then elevate the flower bed in the front yard. Basically, because I hate the fact its a perfect circle and smack dab in middle if the yard and our yard slopes down- so just looks really bad. BUT I think that I will have to wait until this fall to tackle that project. I am just running out of time.

I also wanting to try a patio tree...but now rethinking it. I don't know- maybe I will get inspired. I did plant herbs- and should really plant a few more. Never can have too much fresh rosemary or thyme!

My favorite spot in the summer is my backyard! Our family is out there almost every night- we have a huge tree that provides excellent shade and its just peaceful. Tonight when I finished mulching- the girls commented on how great it looked. And John complimented me too on all the plantings. That made me feel good! It really feels good that the end is in sight!!


Deb said...

You go girl!! I wanna see pictures when you are done!

Audra said...

I'll take some pictures in about a month - when everything has filled in and begun blooming!