Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time for a little R & R!

I am leaving tomorrow morning for St. Louis to meet up with John. It will be our FIRST real adult only vacation- EVER! I mean we have gone to visit friends with out kids but then you feel obligated to spend a lot of time with your friends - and we had the twins before we were married- so kids have always been included. NOT THIS TIME- though! We are going to a place by ourselves and we don't know anybody. So we are free to do whatever we want...whenever we want! And go where ever - when ever! I'm excited! If nothing else to just get away with John.

I know I just went to Vegas- but that's different because I went with my mom and grandma and John had to stay home with the kids. I love my mom and grandma and had a BLAST- but I was thinking about John and the girls and wondering if everything was getting done, will my house still be standing, etc. :o)

Anyway- today I am busy getting stuff ready. Packing for the girls, packing for me, cleaning (feels better coming home to a clean house!), do last minute errands, mowing the yard (the rain was like miracle grow!) and all that other pre-vacation stuff.

Talk to ya all when we get back on Sunday!


Rachel said...

Have a good trip. We've gotten away like that a couple of times to Kansas city. It feels strange at first to be able to do whatever you want to, but you get used to it!

Christy said...

Have fun!!!

Deb said...

You are going to have a blast!! You deserve it!

Hollie said...

You totally have to try some Imo's Pizza, or any St. Louis style pizza out there. It is the best.

If you do ever take your kids to St. Louis it is the perfect place for them. The Zoo is free, Science, Art museum...Free. All Free. There is also a Six Flags. It's not free, but a ton of fun. Also, the Italian food on The Hill is Fabulous. Just ask anyone in St. Louis where The Hill is and they will know what you are talking about.

Have Fun!!!!