Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Farmers Market

We loaded up the kids and headed to the Farmers Market Saturday morning at 8:00- hoping to miss the crowds and heat. HAHA! Miss the heat- it was already humid when I let Emma out at 6am. Owell- it always fun to go once or twice a year with the kids. They get a kick out of seeing all the vendors and being able to take their own money there and buy things. Some of our Farmers Market MUST HAVES are:

Kettle Corn (YUMMY)
Sourdough Bread from a little bakery on 27th and Fletcher
fresh Nebraska Honey
and sometimes a fresh chicken or two

I love looking at all the cool stuff the vendors are selling too. There is one with turquoise necklaces and other beaded jewelry that has some nice things. And some of the art shops around there put out some neat things too. Its fun- one of those things you should definitely do!

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