Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am not one for shoe shopping. Just find me a comfortable pair of cute shoes and I am good to go! Well- my mission yesterday was to find a comfortable pair of retro tennies. I love the style and will wear them forever...even if and when they aren't in style anymore. Retro tennie are the the low top version of the high top vans that were really popular in the 80's. But I am definitely a low-top girl. ANYWAY... so I was on a mission to find some. And I know Payless usually has some - but they are really pointy at the toe and just look a little funny. So I wanted something else. And since I was going alone and had time - I could find what I wanted no matter how long it took! (it felt a bit strange not having to chase kids around the shoe dept!)

I went to American Eagle at South Point and found these beauties.

They are laceless and have the worn look. They are a dirty denim - its kind of hard to see in the pic.

And these are off white- they look really white in the photo- and also have the worn frayed look going on.

They are super comfy and represent my style perfectly. After I bought these (on clearance) I headed over to Payless just to look... and to my surprise they are now carrying American Eagle shoes. They didn' t have these specific styles but they had some cute shoes and at a good price. I bought a pair of red vans (I have a thing for red shoes- no clue why!). They aren't bright red - more of a maroonish red. But they will do for the upcoming NU football season.


lindsey said...

love them. they are so you!

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Deb said...

Very cute, I love them.