Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Early? just about!

We have been staying out at the acreage the last two weeks, and last week we had a couple of early morning visitors. It was about 5:30am and I heard this loud tapping/banging. I wasn't sure where it was coming from, and I was getting freaked out. John, the girls and I were the only ones in the house and we were out in the country. The house has three levels- a walk out basement (which is where we sleep), a main level and then there is another story. There are no curtains or drapes on the windows of the house. And why would there be...we are out in the country! No neighbors!

Well- it was just getting light and I kept hearing the banging. I tried to ignore it and hide under the blankets - but that didn't last long. Soon John was up getting ready for work...and he heard it too. He asked me what it was. How would I know!? All I knew was that I was hiding! John was in the shower and asked me to go look. Are you crazy!? No way! Finally- after hiding for another five minutes or so...I decided to get brave! Since my dog was cowering in her kennel and John was in the shower- that left me to be the hero! I start up the stairs and the banging gets louder! So I turn around and head back to the bed room. On the way back to the bedroom I pass the fireplace-which had a poker tool set on it. I grab the biggest heaviest tool (the log claw) and head back upstairs. I am convinced at this point that someone is breaking into the house through a window in one of the back windows. John thinks maybe an animal is stuck in one of the window wells. Either I go...armed and dangerous!

I get up to the hall leading to the back bedrooms and I see this big black something in the window...moving and banging on the glass of the window. The banging was so hard - that I was sure the glass was going to I head into the bedroom to confront whatever it is!

And this is what it was...
Two big turkeys trying to attack their reflections in the window! stupid crazy birds! How is that for country living! And they came back after I shewed them away- and kept banging away for another 90 minutes! Only in the country!

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lindsey said...

that is just too funny! I can totally see you creeping up to the window with your 'weapon of choice'.