Monday, July 16, 2007

A profound thought...(and I don't have many!)

I was reading a book of quotes today and there was one that really stuck out and made an impact.

"The past is the past; full of things we can not change.
The future is the future; full of things we can not predict.
But the present is a present; a gift we should treasure and live to the fullest."

I keep reflecting on how things could have been or should have been or might have been. And then I start to wonder about the future and what I want and expect and hope for. But why? A wise man (you know who you are) once said "If you can't change it or control it- then don't worry about it! Otherwise, you will waste your life worrying about things." And that is so true - I can't change the past: my actions or experiences. And I can't predict the future- I can only live each day as a gift and hope it someday leads to my future expectations. That's all anyone can do.

Ok- that's enough 'profoundness' for a few months!

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Lindsey said...

Wow- and none of the quotes came from Dr. Seuss or David Carle? I am impressed! A real actual grown up book! You are so lucky!