Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holy bargains, Batman!

Today was busy! I cleaned, paid bills, went shopping for school clothes and bathroom accessories and the infamous rug ( I will explain later)! I went to Old Navy and stocked up on their bargains- again! I went at the beginning of July and bought a few clearance items- but nothing compared to this time! This is what I came home with:

Corynn: three pairs of jeans, four t-shirts, a skirt and three tank tops
Kwynn: three t-shirts, three pairs of jeans, four tank tops, a skirt and a bag
McKynna: a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, three t-shirts, five tank tops and a bag
Elizabeth (my niece who is having a bday this weekend): a pair of capris, 2 t-shirts and a cardigan

I also found baby hats and socks on sale for 47 cents and couldn't resist!

So how much do you think I spent?????????

My grand total was $71.78!!!! Crazy!!!!

I also found a bunch of t-shirts and tank tops at Target for $1.68- so the girls are pretty much set for school. I am so excited! I love bargain shopping and I love it even more with out three little girls tagging along!!! You get to enjoy it more!

The bathroom accessories were pretty standard and I found those at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. All we have to do now is put up our shower curtain.

The RUG ...

I wanted and still want a square tan shag rug. Obviously - you can't just walk into Walmart and pick one up- so I went to Carpet stores trying to find a remnant that could be cut to size. I struck out. After going to the fourth flooring store - I went back to Walmart and bought a 5x7 tan rug that will do the trick until the perfect rug can be found. Two of the flooring places are checking with suppliers and other sources to help me find it. So we will see!

Tomorrow will entail cleaning up the house (vacuuming, dusting and going through closets (ughhh))!

I am also going to stop by a shoe store and find myself a pair of shoes- all I have right now are sandals and Nikes- I need a pair of casual tennis shoes like retro vans or Sketchers.

I am getting alot done with out the kids... I just thought there would be a bit more rest and relaxation this week! hahaha! Like that would ever happen! Whenever I am without kids - I find myself super busy trying to catch up on all the things on the "LIST". You know that list of stuff you 'should' do but never get around to doing! Owell- it just comes with being a mom!


lindsey said...

girl! You are awesome! You can come do my shopping anytime!

Audra said...

Well - I finished my list of stuff and the house is clean! And it should get to stay that way for ONE MORE WHOLE week until the girls come home! wow!

Amanda said...

I love going to the store and walking away with bargains like that. Great job!