Sunday, July 15, 2007

West Nile?!

I am going to have to surf the web and see what's up! I have had a horrible massive headache since Friday morning. One of those headaches that almost immobilize you - the noise on the radio and tv- HURTS my head and my kids -ughhhh! Don't even get me started! They have been fighting and arguing alot the past few days and I am just about to give up. The sun hurts my head too- it causes me squint and just makes things worse! I have taken advil and ib profin - but nothing seems to make it go away!

Symptom #2- food...YUCK! I don't seem to have much of an appetite. The pizza we had yesterday at lunch nearly sent me to the "Toto" king. And this has been going on since Thursday. I thought I was getting the flu and then I thought I was getting a cold when the headaches started. No cold symptoms yet, though!

Symptom #3 - exhausted! I am sooooo tired...not sleepy tired but I just don't have any energy.

Symptom #4 - chills...I can't seem to decide if I am hot or cold. I will be looking for a sweatshirt one minute and then sweating the next. Its 98 degrees out- what the heck!

I am still betting on the summer cold that is going around Lincoln - but John casually mentioned it could be West Nile and now I am just freaking out.

Hopefully, things will improve. But you can bet that I will be self diagnosing until they do! Thank goodness for the internet!


Audra said...

Ok- I am pretty sure its not west nile since you need a spinal puncture to test for it. So until I am dying- we just say its a summer cold! I am such a wusss!

Lindsey said...

You are so funny! And I believe it is wuss-eeeey! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Hollie said...

Just go to the doctor. It will ease you mind. Maybe you'll some nice muscle relaxers or pain reliever. Is it bad that I look forward to that?

Hollie said...

Also, have you ever had a cluster headache or migraines? I had a cluster headache once on my mission. It was the weirdest thing ever. I had a lot of the symptoms you had. The first day I was out in the sun my muscles would give out in my neck and my head would just drop, and every time my head would fall I had the worst pain EVER! so, I had to stay inside with all the blinds closed and a heavy cover over my head with my sunglasses on. It was crazy!

wendysue said...

I was thinking migrane too, but then I thought maybe it's just "please send the kids back to school!!" illness. I'm sick with it too. Hurry August 20, HURRY!!

Hope whatever it is, it's over soon!!

Audra said...

Headache is still there- just not as bad. My neck is a little stiff and my patience level with the kids is ... well...almost non-existent! But the symptoms are gradually lessening and that's good enough for me! And this no- appetite thing is pretty good too- at least my jeans fit better! :0)

The kids are back in GI next week- so if I still feel crappy- I will go to the dr. Its just so much easier without children present!