Monday, July 23, 2007

Kid- Free

My three beautiful wonderful daughters are off in GI town visiting grandparents and attending camps. They are taking a Horse Riding class at Stuhr Museum and swim lessons through the city. My mom called in February and asked if the girls could come to GI for a few weeks this summer for riding camp and swim lessons...uh...of course! I didn't hesitate! I love my kids- but it is so much easier to get things done with out them, especially all the before-school-starts stuff!

I have some finishing touches in the bathrooms i.e. towel rods, sealing grout, putting up our custom shower curtain rod. Then I have to find a rug for the family room. I also want to go through the girls' clothes and get rid of things that don't fit, find out what they need for the school year and go school shopping. Normally, it would take me a few weeks to get all this done with all three girls tagging along- adding their two cents along the way. But with them gone - I should be able to get all this done by Thursday. I took it easy today and enjoyed the quiet! I went to the YMCA and worked out and then came home and watched a movie. It was strange... the tv was on at 2pm and it wasn't cartoons! Craziness!

Emma already misses the girls. She just moped around the house until John came home and hasn't let his side since he walked in the door. Poor thing! I will have to take her back with me this weekend. My niece is turning one- I have to go back for the party!


Rachel said...

I'm jealous!! Hey, if you need some excitement I'd be happy to send my kids over for a while!

Lindsey said...

Wow! You are quite the lucky little bird! Congratulations and enjoy!