Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday FUNNIES!!!!

Corynn decided today was a sick day. Truth be told- she is getting a cold and I don't think she slept all that well last night. I heard her rolling around and coughing. So I let her stay home.

We had to take Emma to the vet for her boosters and decided to stop by John' s work. John asked her how she was feeling.

John: So, Corynn you look like your feeling better- Are you?

Corynn: Well, yes. But I can't help it if I feel better at home in bed.

Later, on the way home- she said "Room service really helps too!" What's room service you ask... that's when I bring her juice/water or a snack to her in her room while she's laying down watching Disney movies. Oh the life of a four year old!!!

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Lindsey said...

I'm there with you Corynn- room service is always nice!