Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG! (revised)

The girls and I excitedly welcomed Spring in this morning at 6:44...a little anti-climatic due to the fact the sun wasn't quite up...but still- SPRING is officially here!

Spring break technically starts at 2:53pm today...I'm so excited! Partly because we'll have a semi-UNstructured week...and those are so nice! And partly because my kids are headed to GI town for a few days...which allows me to have a few grown-up days to myself! I've scheduled a few dr appts for those days- but still...I'll be childless for 48 hours! Such a nice break! A chance to re-charge my mommy battery!

Now don't get me wrong! I love having the kids home- chilling and having fun! We have such a fun-filled week planned! On the docket for this week (not necessarily in this order)
  1. Go to GI town
  2. Visit with the great-grandmas and great-great grandma
  3. We have two parties on the calendar (one just for the twins the other for the whole family)
  4. Movie
  5. Playdate with 'the boys'
  6. Go to Davey
  7. Work on the kids' fort
  8. Activity Days
  9. Piano
  10. Spend some time at the library
  11. Spring clean-up
  12. RELAX!
  13. HAVE FUN!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

I thought I would post our inspiration for the girls fort:

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