Monday, March 23, 2009

Gone with the wind!

Holy smokes- its WINDY! I've been out and about using up every spare minute I have to accomplish my long list of 'to-do's before heading home to GI town tomorrow. We have a super fun week planned- which requires some prep work on mom's account. Then there's the cleaning much easier to go through kid's rooms when they aren't here! And I'm getting things ready for our stay at Davey! Busy Busy Busy!

But the wind- wow! Some kind of storm must be moving in...I'm all about spring storms! LOVE THEM! I love the rain in general- but thunderstorms are my favorite! BUT let me clarify something...tornadoes are not fun! And I'm not a fan of those! I was only a wee babe when the major tornadoes hit in 1980...and other than that have never really 'survived' an actual tornado- but that's fine...because I completely understand how horrifying it must be! And would rather hope to never experience such a thing! Although, I have seen them from a distance and they are a sight to behold!

Alas...the lightning, thunder and dark grey all brings back memories from my childhood. We had this babysitter that would make us frosting and graham cracker sandwiches for a snack, give us a nice comfy quilt and let us sit under the covered porch on this huge wooden bench. We'd watch the storm, chatter and snack on scrumptious treats! We couldn't have been very old...I was maybe 5 or 6...but OH how I remember it! (and I'm pretty sure my brothers know exactly what I'm a talking about!) But that was the 80s- before there were so many 'rules and regs' to childcare/rearing. It may have even been before the whole seatbelt issue came up and I never used a car seat...but I digress!

I'll be back on Wednesday- then back out for the rest of the week enjoying some lovely family time at our little piece of heaven!

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