Friday, March 13, 2009

Not falling far

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

This week was the food drive at the twins' school. This is a big event for the girls- something they talk about all year long! Since this is the girls last year- I assumed it would be a big deal!

I assumed RIGHT!

Kynna and Kwynn fully understand the food drive concept- bring food to donate to the community food bank- which is a place that helps people and families that can't afford food/groceries. The school has a little contest to see which grade can raise the most food. The food bank wins and the grade that brings the most wins a popcorn party- its all good!

This year however, the girls got a little competitive...and this motivation was nudging out the real purpose of the food drive- helping the less fortunate. It all came to head Wednesday night when I refused to go buy 500 cans of tomato paste (because they were on sale for 11 cents). Hysterics- attitude- crying- was crazy!

So John and I had a talk with the girls, explaining that some people depend on the food bank for groceries and how would you feel if we had to go there and get groceries- and all they had was tomato paste? Finally- they agreed and refocused. They came up with a game plan. They went around to our neighbors- collecting food. They called their grandmas and grandpas for monetary donations (which we went shopping with), they donated two weeks allowance (pucca even threw in some money), and Kynna did a calling tree- reminding her classmates to bring food.

Lastnight we went to the store and spent their donations on meals families could use. We spent probably a good hour going around the store shopping. It was a great experience- I think the kids learned some valuable lessons. One was the whole money and food thing...Kynna made the comment "Geez- food is expensive!" She couldn't even imagine having to buy groceries for a whole family.

The other lesson was putting other's needs above your own (buying food they needed...not just something super cheap that we could get alot of to win the contest) - and that succeeding in charitable endeavors requires work and effort. My mom and John's mom are stellar women- who give tons of time and energy to charitable causes. I was raised to act in the same way. Although, I am only involved in a few community non-profits- I still live each day with spreading kindness and being as charitable and helpful as I can. Its not considered charity unless you give something to make it happen (your time, money, energy etc). Its not supposed to be easy... it requires a conscious effort!

I think the girls are on the right path...they have awesome examples in their grandma's! I hope that someday they become as wonderful and selfless as our mothers.

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