Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have super fond memories of eating pot roast at my granparents house. Roast that has been cooking all day, filling the house with its savory aroma, rustic vegetables, meat that would fall apart and homemade noodles. YES- homemade noodles...boiled and served in the brothy au jus. So stinkin good! yum yum!

Fast forward to yesterday- John had brought home this amazing hormone/antibiotic free rump roast. I wanted to spoil my family the way my grandmother spoiled us. I found a rub recipe online and simmered the roast in the slow cooker all day. The house was smelling amazing and I even had the noodles. It was going to be perfect! WAS being the operative word!

I'm still not sure what exactly I did- but I must have grossly mismeasured the Crushed Red Pepper- because it was awfully spicey. The meat was edible and cooked to perfection. The noodles, however were an utter disaster. Our lips were burning! So much so... that vanilla icecream was served for dessert in a non-dessert house! John being the kind husband he is- actually ate the horrifying sidedish. And he paid for it lastnight and today. Poor thing!

I'm so bummed! I so wanted to pay homage to my great-grandma and share a piece of her tradition with my family. I'm thinking it will be a great while before they let me cook roast again!

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