Thursday, March 12, 2009

Always stuff to do!

Why is it that some days you feel like your constantly busy- but when you look at what still needs to be done- you just want to scream!? I feel like I'm on a stationary bike- going no where fast!

I have these lists (you know me and lists- LOVE THEM!) lists, daily to do lists, 'get done sometime this month' lists...ya get the picture.

My 'to do' list for today:

  • laundry (i think there's about 2 loads- so that's not too terrible)
  • vacuum (compliments of our sweet hairy dog)
  • go through the guest room closet (i started this yesterday- hopefully I'll get it finished today!)
  • go to store for chili ingredients (chili feed tomorrow night at church...I'm bringing vegetarian chili. And yes- I have a list for this too)
  • Activity Days (at my house- I don't have to teach this week, but there's still stuff to get ready)
  • blog (which I get to cross off- Wooohoooo! love crossing things off!)
  • drop some stuff off at Cedars
  • Read a couple chapters (I might be able to squeeze this in when I'm taxi-ing children around this afternoon...its amazing how much you can get done while waiting on kids during pick-up! I've paid bills, wrote thank yous, read, crocheted and planned (complete with lists) in those precious spare moments!
  • Take kids to store this evening (they are having a food drive at school...Kwynnie is in the leadership group running it. I'll post more on this tomorrow)
  • make dinner
  • shower (its sad that somedays I feel this has to go on the list- or it will go undone!)
Hoping to get most of this done during those wonderful child-free hours while the children are at school...

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