Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week is crazy busy...I feel like I'm always saying that?! It seems like our family calendar is forever filling up with meetings, appointments, classes, lessons, visits etc. The good side is - it helps the week fly by!

This week is the all important Science Fair (District level). Both of the twins are entered...should make it interesting. I think we're all more excited about going and seeing what every other 5th grader in the city has done. Plus there will be some exhibits from the university set up...and my kids are all about the science! They are super smart with that stuff...they made a lightbulb in science class by wiring something or other up with a battery and a switch and it had something to do with currents and really sure- (I'm not very technically adept) but I was very impressed! After a science class on campus they were spouting the scientific theories of motion and propulsion. I know....what!?

Anyway- they are super we are super excited! I hope its everything they hope and have a fun time!

Another BIG event on our calendar is Pucca's bday party! ooh la la! Super fun! She's having a tea party themed celebration (I know she did this last year- but she really wanted to do it what can I say!) I think its kind of ironic considering we're lds and don't drink tea...oh well! What girl doesn't like to dress up and hang out with her girlfriends!? :)
There will be an entire post on the party...I had way too much fun planning this! I was a little worried when we discovered we had a girly girl...but she is just too much fun!

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