Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We had a "semi" lazy-day weekend...I am such a fan of lazy-day weekends! Weekends where everyone sleeps in, we have pancakes sometime before noon, no one gets dressed until the afternoon (hanging out all day in our pajamas), not leaving the house, playing games and doing nothing together- and not worrying about getting the house cleaned! OH- I just love weekends like those!

This was not as superb, but close! On Sunday, we had a 'family movie'- we popped popcorn, poured our drink of choice (chocolate milk, ice water, lemonade or apple juice) and everyone found a cozy spot to veg out. The girls selected the movie- City of Ember...a book both of the twins had read. It kept us all interested and the girls really liked it- although if you asked Kwynnie she would tell you "it was vastly different from the book version." She cracks me up when she says things like that...she once used the word egregious (and used it correctly)- when I asked her what it meant, she said she didn't know exactly, but that it sounded good. :) silly kid

I love just hanging out as a family... those comfortable, informal, unplanned moments full of laughter and fun! Those moments that have you thinking life couldn't be more perfect than right now- in this moment. Fun times!

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