Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hurry up already!

I can not emphasize how much I want the warmth of spring to officially be upon us! Spring officially arrives at 6:44 on Friday...but the weather lately has been teasing me with the notion that's its already here. I know! I know! I know!...we've had a late winter and we live in a state where snow for Easter is no big deal...but a girl can hope!

To celebrate this wondrous remedy to our cabin fever woes...our family has been indulging in rootbeer floats! Something about those refreshing little concoctions just screams- WARM SUNNY DAYS!

We've been using the generic rootbeer and vanilla icecream...but if you want a truly magical experience use Dairy Queen vanilla softserve and ice cold A&W rootbeer served in a frosty mug...HEAVENLY!

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The Brink Blog said...

I second this wish!! I am SOOOOO ready for warm weather to be here and stay---no more of this teasing garbage!!