Monday, March 02, 2009

Growing up!

My babies are growing up- tooooooo fast! Tonight was 6th grade orientation at the twins' middle school. Oh the drama! I can tell its going to be a rough couple of years. Weight issues, boys, puberty, make up, cliques, being 'cool'...oh! the list just goes on and on!

The girls handled their first taste of adolescence quite well! The school is huge- which will be an adjustment. They'll need to learn the workings of combination locks and dress in gym clothes. Oh and I did I mention the cafeteria?! The food options are way out of control! Ice cream, snacks, chips, hot chocolate, cookies...oh and there's a salad bar some where. Craziness!

The whole time- I kept thinking...Thank goodness I never have to go back to middle school! UGH!!!

I know the girls will be great and do wonderfully...its just so gut wrenching to watch your babies grow up into little ladies!

me circa 6th grade

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Rachel said...

I'm so with you Audra! I think it's harder for us moms because we KNOW what's coming in middle school (or Jr. High for us!)