Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Lessons

We learned a few interesting things today on our adventure to the waterpark.

The girls learned that mom knows what she's talking about aka mom's always right!
I asked..ur TOLD them to wait until I sprayed them with sunscreen before going in the water. Pucca was the only one who listened. The twins made a bee line straight to the water slides. 5 minutes later they come over to where I I stand there not looking very happy with the sunscreen in my hand, and my foot tapping in annoyance. "Do you really think the sunscreen is going to stick to you - now that your wet?" I asked not really wanting them to answer.

They seemed to think it would- so they towel dried the best they could and then sprayed eachother down. I just shook my head - knowing a lesson was going to be learned today.

Needless to say - my twinnies are now red faced little lobsters...thank goodness for Aloe with lidocaine!

My lovely lesson learned...spray sunscreen needs to be sprayed 10 inches from the body for maximum coverage. Last summer I asked the girls to put sunscreen on my shoulders and back before we went to the lake. That was one of the worst burns I ever got. So today- I thought I'll just spray this sunscreen all over and that should be pretty good. Spraying my back proved to be a little more difficult than I thought- because when I got home I noticed my shoulders and back have white tracks where the sunscreen hit- the rest is bright red. Its going to be the craziest looking tan ever! I seriously look like curvy candy cane- OUCH!

Just a glimpse of the striped sugary confection of similarity I'm going to be living with for a few days...peppermint sweetness not included!

Lessons learned aside- it was a fun afternoon!

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wendysue said...

Classic. I still need to post a picture of Matt's sunburn from last summer. He was at the beach with the kids and did his sunscreen on his back himself, and obviously could only reach so far. He even had a handprint where he had the last of his sunscreen.

Want some noxema? we used to always smear that all over when we'd get a burn. . .