Monday, June 10, 2013

back home

The twins and I flew home yesterday...a super early flight, but glad we did so we would have basically the whole day left. The twins left today for a week long camp- so they wanted to rest and finish packing. We also celebrated my father in law's bday yesterday and Corynn had softball practice in the evening. And amidst all that I was able to sneak in a 3 hour nap! It felt soooooooo good!

So here's a recap of our trip!

Our hotel was just a block from Capital that was AWESOME! 

My mom was in town for a National YWCA conference. We did some sight seeing with her but she was in meetings and classes alot too! 

Kynna pointing to the Canadian Embassy! 

Congressman leaving the capital after the session was done. Field trip! ?

Union Station...we did ride the metro. It was an experience. scary. intimidating. And we probably shouldn't have made our first trip during a Saturday night in down town. I'm sure we stuck out! 

Washington monument...still being worked on after it was damaged in an earthquake in 2010. Its made completely of blocks (you can go to the top to get a birdseye view of the city, but closed right now). The blocks are not mortared together in anyway...just set together one on top of the other. Crazy huh!? Like a super sized jenga...surprised it didn't topple over in the earthquake! 

Cool antique/art store near Ford's theater. If I wouldn't have had to worry about how to get it home- I would have purchased a few things! 

Museum worker striking a pose in the door way! Its the house Lincoln was brought to after being shot- directly across the street from the Ford's theater...where he ultimately died. 

There are museums everywhere in DC! And museums on everything! This Postal Museum is HUGE! Crazy! 

Smithsonian castle- the first Smithsonian building built. Cool story- A man named Smithson decreed in his will that if his nephew and only heir didn't produce an heir of his own before Mr. Smithson died- then all his wealth would go to the American people. Well, his nephew didn't produce so we got the money. It was in the late 1700s and the amount was $550,000. He didn't specify what we could use it on or for- but left it to us because he believed in our ideals and cause. He lived in England and never stepped foot in America.  

And that's how the Smithsonian collection of museums (of which there are 12 around the mall with 13 to be finished early 2014) and Institute was started. Pretty cool! 

This castle is where he is buried. A few years after his death and once the castle was complete...a few gentleman in our government went over to England and brought him back to be buried here. 

This is the National Cathedral! Very cool and very gothic! Interesting took almost 60 years to complete because it was built in medieval fashion. No modern tools or machinery. 

This is the old National post office. It later became offices and a bank, but now its renovation to become a hotel. I love historical buildings. The detail and moldings are amazingly beautiful! 

It was a great trip! Lots of fun and saw tons great things! I think the best part was spending time with the girls and my mom. 

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Kori said...

Looks like an awesome trip! So glad you were able to go and had a great time!