Friday, June 14, 2013

summer so far

How has summer vacation been so far? Well....

Kind of crazy actually! We've had a crazy few weeks, but it starts to slow down the middle of next week. I can not wait! 

We will have 6 weeks of chilling at home! The girls and I are super excited! No trips or vacations...we are still basking in the memories of our travels to Central America and Mexico last spring!  

Kwynn and I will be starting a weight training program (she's taking weight training as a gym class in school this fall and needs to prepare...and I could definitely use some toning!)

McKynna is finishing up her physics textbooks. Yes, our child is reading two physic textbooks this summer. She's prepping for a Science Olympiad competition this fall. Kwynn is studying as well, but McKynna is super serious about it! Kwynn would never read a text book cover to cover. 

Corynn will keep busy with softball. Which is good...she needs to be kept busy. 

Evie will continue to be cute and drive all nuts as she approaches her second birthday! Can you believe she is going to be 2!? Wowzers! 

Here's to many happy lazy summer days ahead! 

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