Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We are working on projects this week! John and I are finishing up our raspberry trellis and the twins and I are making a tufted ottoman for a reading nook in their room.

First of all, I love working on projects! Finding the perfect idea, tweaking it to suit our needs and working together to finish it! We have about 30 ft of raspberries and to keep them looking nice rather than straggly and unkept, we like to use trellises. We had raspberries at our last house and they were so much fun. The trellis also made them easy for the kids to pick. They didn't have to reach into the prickly branches as much.

So at this house, raspberries were on the list of must do things. After tearing out our dying wind break in 2011 and re-landscaping, we found the perfect spot! We've planted canes and now its time for the trellis. Its a custom one. We wanted something durable and nice to look at. Fences aren't allowed in our subdivision so all the backyards back to eachother. We try to be respectful of our neighbors.

We have the posts in place and cemented in. Wires are stretched in three rows on one side...still have one side to do. I'll definitely post pictures tomorrow...hoping to finish by then. John is also tapping into our water line and putting in a spicket for me so that I can water these bad boys!

As for the ottoman project...we found an old coffee table (FOR FREE!!!!!) and its the perfect size. The girls have been talking about this for awhile. They really want a reading nook in their room and feel this would be the most comfortable seating! We also found some cushions (FOR FREE!!!!!) that we can repurpose by using the foam. I think I have fabric that will this will be a very cheap and awesome project! I LOVE THOSE- they are the best kind!!!

Once we've done that one, I'll post pix as well!

Off to our projects!

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