Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sisterly bond is a crazy thing. I don't have a sister. Neither does my mom or mother in law. So seeing the girls interact is a new thing for all of us. The twins are bestfriends. Partly because they have to be and partly because they want to be. McKynna is the 'straight forward take action leader' personality and Kwynn is the 'easy going it will all work out I'll get to it when I can' personality. Which works out great for them...they work together rather than competing. They do get into arguments but they are quickly resolved, usually within the hour.

Corynn is her own child. She admires her older sisters and loves her baby sister. But she's in a bit of a lurch. 5 years younger than the twins and 9 years older than Evie. I think its hard sometimes for her to find her place. She would rather play or be with someone instead of being alone. So playdates and sleepovers are weekly.

Evie is loved by all. Her older sisters adore her except for when she needs a diaper change or is having a melt down. They are struggling with this toddler stage. Evie gets into everything, loves to push buttons (both metaphorically and actually...pushing the power buttons on tvs and game consoles is her favorite right now. Powering off a video game at a crucial point- the girls LOVE that!) and she is so full of energy. She's too young to play structured games, but too old be controlled as an infant. I think this frustrates the older siblings quite a bit. They will figure it out though. Summer break is the perfect opportunity!

Despite the bickering (which seems constant) and sarcastic looks, the girls love each other. This is a tricky time for them, but once its figured out or once they've grown out of it...I can see them all being very close. And the age gaps won't matter.

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