Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throw back Thursday

A flashback into the past! Here's a photo of the twins (about age 5). 

They shared a crib until they were 5 months old. Then we separated them. Couldn't have one rolling on top of the other. That wouldn't be good! After they out grew the cribs it was onto a full size bed for them to share. Which they shared until they were 8. We then put them into two 2 twin beds. But many nights we would find them together in one bed or the beds pushed together and them in the middle. So back to one bed...a queen size this time. Then when they were 10 we switched them into bunk beds. They are now almost 15 and using twin beds. All this time they have shared a bedroom. We've asked them if they would want separate rooms. And when we looked for a new house this was our plan. But logistically it wasn't going to work. So much of their stuff is "their" stuff. They've always shared clothes, toys, books, a computer, etc.

They still share a room. And I'm guessing it will be that way until they graduate and move on. They talk every night for an hour or so before going to sleep, they help each other pick out outfits and genuinely like being together. They talk about going to different colleges...which may be interesting. I wonder how they will cope. They have been together since day one. Squished together in a womb for 9 months. Never been apart from each other for a longer than a day. It will be interesting indeed!

People ask them all the time what its like being a favorite answer was "Its like having a forever sleepover with your bestfriend." So sweet!

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