Monday, June 24, 2013

holy terror

I love this little sweetie...really I do! But this morning she had an epic meltdown at the dentist's office. I kind of just stared at her in shock. Like are doing this here...right now!? 

It was a pretty short appointment. Kwynn just needed a little something done and it was going to be 30 minutes tops. I brought her sippy cup, a snack, her bink and blanket. We were set- or so I thought.

We had dentist appointments last week that lasted two hours and she was perfect. She colored on paper, and shared with the other children in the waiting room. She was really really good! So why was this 30 minute adventure so darn crappy?

I had a feeling things were going to take a turn for the worse when five minutes in, she threw the clip board with the coloring pages across the floor.

I had her helping me to put everything away when she decided to wing the pencil sharpener at the wall. It opened and all the pencil shavings went flying.


As I was picking up that mess, she dumped the box of crayon and colored pencils on the floor in a fit. Then proceeded to throw herself into the pile and flail about (basically making a snow angel). I picked her up and put her in a chair. I quickly picked up the crayons but not before she threw herself out of the chair head first onto the floor. Which of course resulted in her screaming her lungs out...I'm guessing it hurt.

I finished picking up, grabbed her and we headed out the door to have a little talk. We went to the car, grabbed her bink and blanket and she sat on my lap for the rest of time.


She gets these little fits. I'm guessing out of frustration. She isn't really talking yet and I think it frustrates her when trying to communicate and she can't. That mixed with terrible twos and teething makes for pure craziness.

So if you see me and I look ten years older and a disheveled mess on the verge of a break know why. just kidding! um...kind of.

Crossing my fingers we all make it through the next few months!

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