Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Per. gol. a

I have been talking about building a pergola over our back patio basically since we moved in here. The patio is lovely and large but it gets tons of sun during the day and the stone pavers end up baking you alive while the sun crisps your skin. So not good! Our remedy was a pergola. A pergola is a wooden structure that uses slats to create shade as the sun moves throughout the day. So many people were like 'A what?' 'A pagoda?' Its a per-gol-a.

Anyway finally we saved up enough to get the project done! YAY! 

Here are our before and after shots!

We have planted vines on the outer two posts by the grasses. Boston Ivy that will grow quickly and spread creating an even better cover for shade!

Its beefy and big and scales well with the back of the house. The patio has a large footprint and the back of the house is three stories at this level so we needed something that could hold its own on that scale. We went with 8x8 posts, rough sawn cedar. Its beautiful! It will silver out over time and be a rustic charmer! I love it! Its perfect!

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