Wednesday, January 30, 2013

gma Hoskins

I sure do miss this lady! She was my great grandma...the girls' great great grandma and she passed away just about a year ago. She lived to see her 100th birthday- so amazing! I am so happy and feel extremely blessed that she was able to meet Evie. Her 3 children became 7 grandchildren which became 11 great grandchildren and 16+ great greats.

I was cleaning out some papers last weekend and came across some letters she had written. She would always write back in response to any letter or card she received. About 3 years ago she wrote everyone a final letter letting them know that her hands wouldn't let her write anymore. There is a separate letter for each of the girls, John and I filled with parting words and love.

I started to really appreciate my grandma when I became an adult. I began to appreciate all that she had endured, the times in which she raised her children, her example and strength. She was such an amazing woman. Some day I hope to write her story- so my children will know what a beautiful person she was.

I have a yardstick that I use for sewing projects. I noticed a few years ago that it was from Russel, Kansas (where she lived). So it had to have been one of hers. Instantly I had a flashback of her chasing my little brother and I around the yard with it. She never would have used it on us- be were pretty good at tempting her too! :)

She was never overly loving, wordy with praise or super happy with a perma grin. But you could still feel her love. She would read to us, buy us goodies at garage sales, always had our favorite cereal on hand for our visits, made our favorite meals, taught me how to crochet, played with us at the park and included us in all activities. We made a photo collage for her funeral service. And as I was looking through old photos, I noticed there were several of her playing with us as toddlers. I'm guessing she was about 70 in those photos and she was right there on the floor playing dolls with me and cars with my brothers. And that was so like her. When she gave you her time - it was her undivided attention. Her focus was on you and not being pulled in five directions. With four children - I know what its like to be pulled every which way...and this one lesson of hers I'm trying to learn.

I love you grandma! And its still a no go on the noodle making...someday though! :o)

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