Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, I woke up Saturday morning and decided it was time for a haircut! Not a trim but a cut!

So the girls and I went to the salon and all us of got a cut!

Here is a picture of the girls with their new haircuts!

They all just got a little trim...cleaned it up for summer. McKynna has bangs and Kwynn has longer ones- other than that their hair is the same length. I know some of you use their hair styles to tell them apart-- so I just wanted you to know the change!

Corynn's is pretty much the same- just trimmed up as well.

And here is my new cut - pretty short but I couldn't get a pony tail and it was getting hot!

I took the picture with my web cam- so that's why it looks bad- but you can see the cut. Its short in back and then tapers down longer in front. I have a lot of layers and a full set of bangs. Eventhough its a short cut- I have found multiple ways to style it- so I should have fun. (I messed around with it yesterday and this morning...trying new styles.) And the bonus is .... I only had to blow dry and hairspray this morning! It only took 5 minutes...that's pretty quick for a finished looking hair-do!


Christy said...

That new hairstyle is really cute!

Deb said...

Super cute, Audra!!

Lindsey said...

cute- I have always liked your hair short!